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mentioned Non Disclosure Confidentiality

CONFIDENTIALITY & NON-CIRCUMVENTION AGREEMENT RE: All business documents and information

IN CONSIDERATION FOR Abode Real Estate Inc. (herein called the 'Broker) providing me, or companies I represent with information on any business, land, &/or leasing it offers
for sale/lease, I understand, agree, and warrant as follows:

1. That the information provided to me by the Broker is sensitive and confidential and that ANY disclosure to others would be damaging to the described businesses and the
Broker's fiduciary relationships with the owners.

2. Not to disclose any such information regarding these businesses to ANY other persons who have not signed and dated the Agreement 'Information" shall include all data and
materials related to the businesses and also to the fact that they are for sale.

3. The Receiving Party may disclose any such information to only those directors, officers, shareholders, partners, employees, consultants, professional advisors, or affiliates as
defined in the Business Corporations Act (Canada), of the Receiving Party who need to know or need to have access to such information for the purposes of analysis (the
“Assisting Parties”). The Receiving Party shall obtain from each such Assisting Party and agreement, express or implies, to maintain the confidential and Proprietary nature of
such information on the terms and conditions contained in the Agreement.

4. Not to contact the owners, employees, suppliers, customers, business associates and competitors, except through the Broker.

5. That information is provided by the Sellers and is not verified in any way by the Broker. The Broker is relying on the sellers for the accuracy and completeness of the said
information and the Broker makes no warranty, expressed or implied, as to such.

6. That we acknowledge the Broker may be acting in a Dual Agency capacity. That is, Abode Real Estate Inc. May be acting for both the Seller and the Buyer. We have been
informed and understand this.

7. That all correspondences, inquiries, offers to purchase, and negotiations relating to the purchase of any business given to myself, or companies I represent, by the Broker will
be conducted exclusively and solely through the Broker and Abode Real Estate Inc.

8. All documents and materials provided to me shall be destroyed or returned to the Broker upon request, and I shall not make and duplicate copies of such. I further understand
and agree that the businesses offered for sale by the Broker, and the Broker's relationship with the Seller and the Buyer are ongoing. Therefore, all the terms and conditions so
stated above shall remain in full force and be binding to me at all times up to but not limited to two (2) years from the date of receipt of any such information.

NOTE: The owners of the following businesses furnished the information contained herein. This information has not been audited nor verified by or Abode Real Estate Inc.,
and therefore neither opinion nor warrantee is or was expressed thereon as to the accuracy or reliability of this information.

It is the sole responsibility of the buyer to do their on due diligence (if so choose by an certified accounting, legal advice, franchisor, governments  or any other professional as they see fit) ) regarding the
purchase of any business or real property.